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What it means to be MYLF-minded

Unless you’re new around here, you’ll know we’re all about educating yourself and shifting your mindset to make mindful decisions that put you where you want to be. That’s what we call being MYLF-minded. But what does that truly mean?

When it comes to losing weight or doing body recomposition, there are two routes you can take:

1 – I just want to LOSE the weight. My eye is ON the prize. This weight needs to come OFF ASAP.

OR the second way, the way we focus on MYLF Coaching:

2 – Follow the process and, yes, do the daily things you need to lose the body fat that you want to, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, BECOME the person that keeps it off once you get there.

What good is it to get over here if you don’t become the person who stays over here?

Over 95% of the people who lose weight regain it after two years. AKA, they didn’t learn the skills or work on their mindset to BE the type of person who keeps the weight off once they lose it.

That’s why we focus so much on a) educating you – so that you can make decisions based on YOUR individual goals –, and b) leading you through a self-discovery journey so that the changes you implement are aligned with who you are, who you want to be, and where you want to go.

One of the BEST components of Metabolism Mastery is that if you CHOOSE to do it, you can take that mindset journey. There is a HUGE difference between the women who do those videos and those who don’t.  It is very transformative.

So today, we are going to talk about who WE are…

This community is called Master Your Life Forever.

Not Master Your Life for a Minute or a little while.


So someone who does that… who are they?  What makes them tick?

What it means to be MYLF-minded

Accepting — but not SETTLING

The first principle of the MYLF way is that we accept life as it is. We accept others as they are. But that doesn’t mean we settle. The temptation to be angry, frustrated or feeling like a victim might be there, but we quickly accept reality and figure out how to ADAPT.

We accept ourselves and know that we have strengths and weaknesses. Our weaknesses don’t SCARE us, but we notice them, so we know what areas we can work on to become a better version of ourselves.

We accept that our bodies were made to metabolize whole foods. So there’s no point spending time feeling sorry for ourselves about it. We accept this fact of life and then we make choices.

On that vein, we accept that other people are not on the same journey as we are and may not be supportive. We accept that we can’t CHANGE them, but we also know that boundaries are necessary, and we decide what we let into our journey.

We accept that if we WANT things to change, WE have to do it. This includes accepting the journey for what it is. We accept all phases of it — the good, the bad, the frustrating. And we accept OUR role in where we are now.

Finally, we do not ARGUE facts or things that we cannot change. Instead, we accept what we CAN control and work to move forward from there.


We take responsibility for our own actions and where those actions got us. You own your choices — the good ones and the not so good ones. You are accountable for all of them.

Your CHILDREN aren’t the reason that you haven’t lost your weight. Don’t put that on them.

You HUSBAND is not at fault for tempting you with after-dinner dessert. Don’t put that on him.

Your FRIEND who doesn’t like that you are losing weight and they are not — that has NOTHING to do with you. That is for THEM to work through.

We all make bad decisions, but we can’t learn from them if we don’t own them. And admit to them. You are responsible for YOU… and your dependents, but that is another topic altogether. You have to be accountable to YOURSELF before anyone else can ever hold you accountable.


MYLFs seek out, LISTEN to, and WELCOME feedback.

This is a HARD one in the beginning, MOSTLY because we can’t STAND the thought of NOT being perfect. Whether it’s because we think someone ELSE will judge us or if we are going to judge ourselves.

When you hire someone to coach you in a particular area, that’s what they are going to do. If you can’t handle that, then maybe hire a cheerleader?

Have you seen the difference between coaches and cheerleaders on the football field? A lot of the cheerleaders don’t even know what’s happening in the game. They aren’t INVESTED. They are there to perform and cheer… that is their job. If you want to get better at football, you would hire a COACH, someone who is INVESTED in you becoming BETTER.

Now, when you have a coach, you must be COACHABLE, which means that you accept constructive criticism, acknowledge when you make errors, and adapt to new information.

MYLFs view guidance as a GIFT.


Being competitive gets a bad rap sometimes, so let me explain this one a bit, because I think it’s GOOD to be competitive.

I do not mean that you should be competitive with OTHER people. This is not comparing your journey to anyone else’s or always trying to one-up someone. That is miserable and pointless. You don’t know their goals, their past or present, or what they’re going through. Why would you compete?

Being competitive means that you enter the arena — in this case, the arena of making a lifestyle change — and you THRIVE on taking on the process. You see a struggle and WELCOME it because you love a challenge.

You love winning against difficult things. It’s not you versus THEM. Or even you versus YOU. It’s you WITH you using your strengths to crush the competition — life’s setbacks, roadblocks.

You LOVE being stretched, challenged, and then competing to overcome it.


MYLFs know that the goal is to break the bad habits and build the good habits through CONSISTENCY. To BREAK bad habits, you cannot participate in them anymore. To BUILD new habits, you have to create a new routine and perform it OVER and OVER again, until your brain learns it, and stores it as a habit. This is called neuroplasticity.

When you stand at the end of your journey, you ARE the person who can stay there, meaning that you are operating under a new set of habitual behaviors. MYLFs commit to the DAILY habits, behavior, and intentional actions that bring us to where we want to be.

Determined & Driven

MYLFs have a strong desire to follow the plan, even when it is difficult. Our mind is made up: We WILL succeed because we follow the plan. We will not quit, because we are motivated to achieve our goals. We know what we WANT and we will do EVERYTHING in our power to get it.

Disciplined & Focused

You exercise Self-Control. You make choices that align with your goals. Even when distractions present themselves, you remember YOUR goal, YOUR purpose. You do not see it as a sacrifice because you truly value what you are trying to achieve.


We are grateful for life, the lessons learned, a new day, the opportunity to GROW. We are grateful to even be able to ENTER the arena at all.

Hard Working

We do the things that others aren’t willing to. In fact, we take great pride in that. We learn to seek out the hard things, because we know that what feels hard for a LITTLE WHILE, doesn’t feel hard FOREVER. Part of the process is realizing that the easy path doesn’t lead to an easy life. We are willing to put in the work, because we know we are capable of it, and we know it leads to success.


Believe that we CAN and WILL succeed. EVERYTHING is figure-outable. It never occurs to us that we WON’T figure it out. We ALWAYS find a way.


MYLFs are METICULOUS in their preparation. Metabolism Mastery and Launch will teach you how to PREPARE, so that you can live your life confidently in ALL situations.

Problem Solvers

We always have a plan, but when Plan A fails, we quickly move on to plan A 2.0. There is NO “Plan B”. The plan is to succeed. End of story.

We know that the first step to solving a problem is to IDENTIFY the problem and solve it in a way that support your goals. You are ADAPTABLE. MYLFs always plan, but when things shift, we simply solve that problem… quickly. When there is a WILL, there is always a WAY.


MYLFs have big goals and visions, but mainly, we stay IN THE MOMENT or quickly bring it back to the present. We focus on our performance in the here and now, versus staying fixated on the results. And we know that if we WANT the results, we need to tweak the process… the daily actions we are taking. We trust the process….we LOVE the process.


MYLFs bounce back from setbacks quickly.

I can’t guarantee MUCH, but I can guarantee that at some point during your journey, life is going to throw you on your booty. You do NOT stay down. MYLFs know that we have survived 100% of our absolute worst days. We are still standing and we will continue to rise every time something happens.

We also know the difference between failing and failure.

Failing means that we tried something, and it didn’t work. We simply acknowledge that this didn’t work and then try something else.

FAILURE means that we just stop trying.

You will NOT EVER meet a successful person that hasn’t failed. In fact, they have failed WAY more times than your average person.

MYLFs are willing to fail. BUT we use that information to grow and evolve. We do not keep taking the same action that did not work and repeating it over and over again, hoping for a different outcome.

We try, and move forward when we see that it didn’t work out.

Real success comes from within

Achieving your goals is the result of intentional change. Only when you’ve found your real motivations and goals will you have the inner drive to work toward where you want to be. The thing is, many people wait until they feel motivated to get to action. That’s not what we do around here. We do the things we know will get us closer to who we want to be and the life we want to live because when we take intentional action, motivation shows up QUICKLY — because we remind ourself that we want to live our life ON PURPOSE and reach our full potential.

What are you DOING today to live life the MYLF way? How are you getting closer to who you want to BE?

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