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Tired of the same old same old?
It is time to Master Your Life. Forever.

When you join one of our programs, you get the support and expertise you need to step back into the driver’s seat of your life. With MYLF, there’s no telling you what to do. Instead, we show you how your body works and help you create an action plan that’s tailored to your unique body and goals, so you’re truly working for something that matters to YOU.

Jenny, our CEO, has worked in the health and fitness industry for 15+ years. She’s determined to help you discover your inner power and realize your potential by giving your body the fuel you need to keep your body moving and feeling GOOD.

Holly, our Executive MYLF Health Coach and Weight Loss Specialist, has been exactly where you are. She combines the technical knowledge with the real-life experience of dropping a significant amount of weight – as in 160 pounds – and keeping it OFF for 9+ years. So you better believe she’ll be able to guide you through your own journey.

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  • A problem solver
  • Self-aware (we are honest with ourselves)
  • Committed to taking responsibility for your actions
  • A life-time learner
  • An action taker
  • The CEO of your OWN life
  • Non-judgmental (of others AND yourself
  • Wanting to reach your full potential

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We’re here to help you break free. Free of guilt, shame, frustration, yo-yo dieting… You name it. We believe that taking care of your body is an honor, and with the right tools and knowledge, you too can create a sustainable path to look and feel not good but GREAT. To wake up energized, love what you see in the mirror, and feel confident in yourself.

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Let me guess. You’re here because you know something’s UP. Things just aren’t working the way they should. Your weight is going up and down. And you’re tired of the same cycle over and over.

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