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Life is busy. There’s kids’ schedules, sports, household tasks, and countless other things you need to cram into your 24 hours. And let’s face it — it can be a lot sometimes.  I bet you’re too familiar with overwhelm. That sense of being mentally or emotionally overloaded, stretched entirely too thin. It can often lead […]

Dealing with overwhelm

Today we are talking about a little friend we all share. Well, let’s not call it a FRIEND — it’s more like a familiar PRESENCE in our life. You know it. I KNOW that I know it. We have all had our run-ins with it.  I’m talking about SELF-SABOTAGE.  I bet you’ve been there. You’re […]

How to finally stop self-sabotaging your weight loss

Unless you’re new around here, you’ll know we’re all about educating yourself and shifting your mindset to make mindful decisions that put you where you want to be. That’s what we call being MYLF-minded. But what does that truly mean? When it comes to losing weight or doing body recomposition, there are two routes you […]

mindset shifts for weight loss

Let’s talk about the ONE thing I get asked the most. How do I maintain the weight that I just lost? The word MAINTENANCE is honestly something I see getting misused a lot. When MOST people ask me how to MAINTAIN their weight loss, what they MEAN is, “How can I maintain this weight loss, […]

weight loss and maintenance

I want to discuss the concept of “healing your relationship with food.”  First of all, a relationship is defined by how two or more people or things interact with each other.  The things you are in a relationship WITH have a huge impact on your well-being. When your relationships are HEALTHY (nurturing, fulfilling…), life is […]

Healing your relationship with food

Today, we’re talking about the single most important tool you will use on your journey. Can you guess what it is? Your macros, meal prepping, workout plan – all add up to the results you desire. BUT they all come together thanks to this one mental tool you may not have considered up to this […]

“I fell off the wagon this weekend.” Have you ever SAID this before? I’ve certainly HEARD this from a LOT of my clients over the years referring to their weight loss journey. Let’s take a bit of a dive into this “wagon” situation, shall we? What is falling off the wagon in terms of weight […]

Today we’re talking about something nobody likes. DISCOMFORT. Humans go to great lengths to prevent being uncomfortable, but nothing keeps us from moving forward MORE than our tendency to avoid being uncomfortable. If you’re not moving forward, that usually means you’re in the same place. Now, this isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes you feel […]

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